Blog posts for the blog challenge–Things That Go Bump in the Night (2016); Healing Crystals (2015); Magic Words (2014)

What’s for Breakfast? My Addiction is Hungry.

This week, I’m guest blogging on the website of fellow author and daydreamer, Darlene Fredette. Her Monday Musing segment fits my mood perfectly. Read about my addiction to daydreaming and what I do to feed it. Read my post HERE. Check out other interesting posts at Darlene’s place along with her brand new release Winter’s Kiss.   By the Way, I’m giving away an e-copy of Just Like Gravity this month. All you have to do is Join Sorchia’s Universe to be eligible. And –DRUM ROLL–the fabulous A-Z BLOG CHALLENGE starts April 1. I’m working on a brand new short story…
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Things That Go Bump in the Night–Zombies

I grow weary of TV and movie zombies. Bloody, yes; scary, not so much. The truth is far more terrifying. A zombie is a supposedly dead person who has been reanimated. In Haitian voodoo, which may have its roots in Western or Central Africa, a zombie is an undead slave created by a witch or priest or priestess. The creature was once alive but, by the application of magic and a few household ingredients in the right proportions, got zombified. It’s own will erased, it continues indefinitely as a soulless creature. The supposition that the victim is aware of his…
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Things That Go Bump in the Night–Yawkwawiak, the Giant Bear

Y is another tricky letter but the Yawkwawiak makes a fine addition to the bestiary we are developing at Sorchia’s Universe He’s also called Katshituashku by the Penobscot Nation and is an elephant-sized bear who enjoys munching on unwary nature-lovers—or anyone else who wanders into the forest. The stiff-legged bear makes an appearance in the lore of several Native American tribes. The Penobscot Nation reports that the big, shaggy mammal can’t bend its legs and leans on trees to rest. If he were to lie down, Yawkwiawiak wouldn’t be able to get back up. His teeth are long enough to…
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Things That Go Bump in the Night–Xing Tian, the Headless Giant

X is notoriously a difficult letter to make work during an A-Z Blog. Fortunately, there are freaky critters all over the world! Xíng Tiān  is a creature in Chinese mythology. The giant Xíng Tiān followed his master into exile after a bitter defeat at the hands of The Yellow Emperor. After this Yellow Emperor caught up and executed Xing Tian’s master, Xing Tian issued a challenge for a duel. Xíng Tiān and The Yellow Emperor fought a ferocious battle with sword and axe all across the countryside, coming at last to the ChangYan Mountain. The Yellow Emperor decapitated the giant…
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