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Sorchia’s #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

Every April, a hardy group of bloggers set forth to complete the A to Z April Blog Challenge. This involves posting a blog every day in April—except Sundays. As if posting every damn day isn’t enough, the posts have to be in alphabetical order. Meaning your topic for Day 1 starts with an A . . . aaaaaand you get the idea. It starts out like this: Proceeds to this: And ends up a little like this:   For the past three years, I’ve participated with themes like Magical Words, Magical Crystals, and Creepy, Crawly Critters. Lots of fun! This…
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What’s for Breakfast? My Addiction is Hungry.

This week, I’m guest blogging on the website of fellow author and daydreamer, Darlene Fredette. Her Monday Musing segment fits my mood perfectly. Read about my addiction to daydreaming and what I do to feed it. Read my post HERE. Check out other interesting posts at Darlene’s place along with her brand new release Winter’s Kiss.   By the Way, I’m giving away an e-copy of Just Like Gravity this month. All you have to do is Join Sorchia’s Universe to be eligible. And –DRUM ROLL–the fabulous A-Z BLOG CHALLENGE starts April 1. I’m working on a brand new short story…
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Fortune Tellers and Sooth Sayers

Before we get into the soothsaying, how about a $500 Amazon gift card?   If you answer “no, I don’t care anything about that” you can skip to the blog. It’s a scintillating discussion of divination techniques . . . . with pictures. If on the other hand, you are feeling lucky—Here’s the way to grab that cash. I’m participating in a little thing called March Mania with a wondrous wrack of writers—some romance, some paranormal and mostly both. To sign up to win the moohla, just click the picture below or use this link Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to…
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Frighteningly February Wrap Up!

It’s been a busy month here at Sorchia’s U.  To keep up with events, connect on Facebook where I post the best stuff. Take a quick look at posts you may have missed and get ready for March. The Dead of Winter Gothic Movie List–Over 50 creepy, crawly, crazy movies to keep away the winter blahs. Words of Love–To celebrate Valentine’s Day, a collection of quotes about love from sweet to insane. Granny’s Love Potions–Ah, Granny. Usually, she charges for this stuff. Check out her advice for the lovelorn. Granny’s Love Charms–More of Granny’s wisdom concerning the delicate art of…
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