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Sorchia’s Whisky Quiz

As winter drags on…and on and on and on… I sometimes reach for a taste of Sunshine in a Bottle to stave off the seasonal depression. Of course, I mean whisky (or whiskey—you’ll learn the difference in a minute if you don’t already know.) Distillation to produce liquor has been around since at least 800 B.C.  We can thank the sometimes dark art of alchemy. Yep—alchemists living in the small numbered years of A.D. perfected the distillation process as they sought to transmute lead to gold.  When they stumbled on the recipe for Scotch, one can imagine, a fair number…
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Sorchia’s Love Potions and Charms (Courtesy of Granny Logan)

My offering for the Time For Love Blog Hop comes courtesy Granny Logan, a witchy old lady I happen to know quite well. To visit the rest of the fantastic posts on this blog hop, visit the Blog Hop Hub at . Read on to find out how to be eligible for a free copy of Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones–and Do Not miss the drawing for 2–Count ’em–2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards. If you drive to the end of a particular dirt road in the rugged hills of north central Arkansas and follow the path up a rocky…
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Words of Love

Since the first caveman scratched “Og luffs Ogette” on a dusty cave wall, people have been bumfuzzled by that crazy little thing called LOVE. Those of us who write romance novels aren’t any better off than the rest of you. We spend our days and nights in agonizing indecision about how to knit the essence of love into our characters. Last night,  I took the modern recourse for a tortured soul looking for love—I searched the Intrawebs for enlightenment. I found plenty of words of wisdom on the subject. Some people seem to have a dim view of love: We don’t…
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The DEAD of Winter Movie List

The Spring Equinox is over fifty days away. Fifty more dreary, cold days and nights!! How—in the name of Satan’s Uncle Bob––can we possibly make it to the Spring equinox alive?  I have just the thing. The Dead of Winter Movie List.   For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about Gothic stories and movies. (Check out Gothic Romance in the 21st Century and 10 Gothic Movies for a Dark and Stormy Night.) I continued the theme with a massive movie list for die hard (or undead) Gothic movie fans. Take a trip through time and space beginning…
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