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Novel Magic: Author Tamela Miles Shares Her Earthbound Angels 12 comments

Angels are everywhere–but finding them isn’t always easy.  Paranormal author Tamela Miles talks about finding her own angels and what it means to have a community of Earthbound Angels. My Earth-Bound Angels “For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ― Brian L. Weiss I love angels, holy wars, good vs. evil – all those themes. Since I write from things close to my heart, these themes keep popping up in my work. One of the favorite […]

Heart of a Hunter

Secret Desires-Based on a true romance

Novel Magic: Historical Romance Inspired by a Real Life Story

A little dose of reality never hurt anybody. Our Novel Magic feature this week is a historical romance inspired by true events.   J.L. Regen’s book–Secret Desires— was inspired by a real life story of lovers who join hearts against many odds. She lives in the New York metropolitan area, is a published photojournalist, has short suspense stories online, and has taught English as a Second Language to students around the globe. This is her first contemporary romance. She […]

My Name is Sorchia and I’m a Fairy Garden Fanatic! 2 comments

NewsBreak!! Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen is out of Final Galleys. Now we wait for a cover and for a release date!  Stay tuned for a Witch of a Giveaway when the clock finally strikes twelve on Release Day. And now, back to our regularly scheduled post. Last weekend I indulged a vice I’ve kept hidden for years. Something so deviant and depraved, I’ve been ashamed to share it with anyone. Something that may be a deciding factor […]

Herbal Fairy Garden

Cushion a Paranormal Romance

Novel Magic: How Paranormal Author Tamela Miles Shapes a Hero

Paranormal Author Tamela Miles shares her formula for creating a to-die-for paranormal hero.  Easy Ways to Birth and Shape Your Paranormal Romance Hero Crafting a quality, captivating story takes a lot of time. The entire writing process, from beginning to end, is usually exhaustingly time consuming. Every writer I know well has a different issue with plotting a story – mine is character creation and shaping (or “fleshing her/him out”). It’s taken me years to progress from dreading this […]

Novel Magic: Murder, Suspense, and Cocktails with Author Addison Brae

Murder! Suspense! Cocktails! Or, as we call it here in Sorchia’s Universe–Tuesday. Read on for a glimpse at Addison Brae’s breakout novel of romance, suspense, and–yes–cocktails. A Not So Perfect Fresh Start in Becker Circle by Suspense Author Addison Brae Who hasn’t had a fresh start? Most have had many. Thank you Sorchia for allowing me to be a part of your super-cool blog! Gillian, the main character in Becker Circle,”worked her butt off to graduate Harvard a semester […]

Becker Circle -Novel Magic on Sorchia's Universe

Girl Reading

Startling News and Resulting List of 10 Essential Books 20 comments

You know we like strange stories here in Sorchia’s Universe? Well here’s one I never thought I would be able to tell you! So my daughter is going to have a baby—a little girl due to make an entrance on or near my very own natal day– and that will make me a Grandma—Oma—maybe, Grand’Mere.  She will be the first, and judging by how long it has taken to get this far, possibly  the only grandchild. I’ve spent a […]

Novel Magic: Sirens–Myths, Legends, and Singers by Author Kryssie Fortune 2 comments

What’s better than luring unsuspecting men to their deaths? Here in Sorchia’s Universe, we don’t see the downside–and the Sirens of Greek mythology are some of our favorite ladies. Author Kryssie Fortune takes the story of the Sirens and gives it a modern boost with her latest release Giving It Up For the Gods. Take a look at her updated take on the tale. Sirens–Myths, Legends, and Singers by Kryssie Fortune Everyone’s heard of sirens and how they lured […]

Sirens-Myths, Legends, and Singers