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Welcome to Sorchia’s Universe!

Here, you’ll find plenty of ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night.  I post about things that interest me and that relate to what I’m writing–which are Gothic Thrillers and other paranormally-type things.

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Some things on this site are R-rated–not much, but some.  You have been warned.


Terms of Use:


Please be aware that blog posts and other content are under copyright and are the legal property of me or the original author of the post in the case of guest blogs.  It is NOT okay to copy and paste bits and pieces of any post or other content without consent and proper documentation.  As a matter of fact, that is illegal and punishable by fines and other horrible things.

I have no problem with profanity, when used well and for a good reason. Finding that someone disagrees with your opinion is not a good reason.  Bullying or denigration of any kind will result in deletion–of your post, at least.


I don’t share the email addresses of subscribers. Nor do I share personal info about any subscribers or myself. Please don’t put anything in a comment that you don’t want shared with the world.

I collect email addresses for the purpose of sending monthly/quarterly newsletter to interested readers.  I also collect email addresses for promotional purposes and will send posts when a new book is released or a promotion is in progress. I do not share email addresses or use them for any other reason.


When I start to sell on this site, you will find a terms of service for sales here. Right now, don’t try to buy anything here cuz it ain’t working yet.

Affiliations and Reviews

All reviews posted here concerning my own works are legitimate reviews, written by a third-party who is not compensated in any way–except those who receive a free copy of the book for purposes of reviewing it. This circumstance will be noted in the review.

Occasionally, I post links or posts from people who provide a service for writers or who are offering a product that relates to my own writing.  I make every effort to ensure that these people are legit, but I can’t take responsibility if they turn out to be stinkers.  Do your own research before you enter into a business relationship online. Contact me if you have questions about any person or business I feature on this site.I will tell you all I know.

Contests and promotions

Please read the terms of individual contests and promos.  These things will occur from time to time and have an expiration date.


I hope you love my books, but if they just aren’t your cup of tea, just let me know within 2 months of purchase. Return the book in good condition to me and I will cheerfully refund your money plus shipping.

disclaimer:  This is my personal and author blog.  As such, it contains my opinions.  I make no claim that everything on my blog is 100% accurate, current, suitable for all ages, or valid.  And so, I am not liable for errors , omissions, delays or any damages resultant from whatever you read here.  If you are offended, stop reading.  If you enjoy or want to make a pertinent comment or friendly addition, let me know.  Comments that appear to be from flamers and trolls (you know who you are) will be removed and posted in a particularly smoky bit of Hell where their authors may go to find them.

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  • veldabrotherton

    Fun to read your post. I especially like that flamers and trolls will be posted in a particularly smoky bit of Hell. Good place for them. Those folks need to get a life. Welcome to the world of publishing, Sorchia. It’s a wild and wooly place.

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