Novel Magic: Deadly Glimpses by Stephen B. King 5 comments

It’s getting dark in Sorchia’s Universe this week. We’re featuring the third book in a Noir-ish series by Stephen B. King. Read all about it and enter the giveaway to win a copy.   Glimpse, The Tender Killer. By Stephen B King Book 3 of The Deadly Glimpses Trilogy Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes is now a detective paired with Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy. Together they hunt The Biblical Killer, so named for the quotes left on walls written in […]

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The Damage Left Behind by Nikki Lewis www.sorchiadubois.com

Novel magic: The Damage Left Behind by Nikki Lewis

Check out book 3 in this Paranormal Romance Series.   What happens after a disaster hits? One so big it affects everyone around us? Ben was supposed to be my mate. He was supposed to be there for me. Instead…I find myself wondering how all of this came to be. Angel Thompson is left picking up the pieces after her lover gave his life…to save hers. Book contains triggers.   Grab a Copy The Damage Left Behind   Nikki […]

Novel Magic: Mystic Desire 23 comments

This week, our feature is an anthology of paranormal tales from a plethora of authors. Read all about it and Win a copy in our Giveaway!   “An Awareness of Evil” in Mystic Desire, an anthology of supernatural stories by authors of Black Velvet Seduction. Have you ever been to a psychic? I lived many of my so-called “formative years” in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not only is Virginia Beach home to fun in the sun and on the sand, […]

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Rum Paul Stillskin by Laura Strickland www.sorchiadubois.com

Novel Magic: Things Unseen and Rum Paul Stillskin by Laura Strickland 1 comment

Rum Paul Stillskin by Laura Strickland belongs in  Sorchia’s Universe like ghosts belong in castles. Read about her fairytale retellings and enter the giveaway to WIN two magical tales. Things Unseen by Laura Strickland Our ancestors, bless them, believed there were other worlds existing alongside our own. The way the old stories have it, there could be hobgoblins dancing or kelpies splashing just beyond the reach of our senses. Faeries might live at the bottom of the garden, or […]

Novel Magic: Tasarla Romaney’s The Warrior Queen (Win 5 books this week) 1 comment

This week, we have a fantastic Giveaway sponsored by Tasarla Romaney. Win $10 gift card and 3 books by Tasarla PLUS 2 by me–That’s 5 paranormal books in one contest. Here are the titles you could win: The Hollow King The Warrior Queen  The Prince of Light Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen The Warrior Queen and the Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney Hey Hey l’m glad to be back on Novel Magic. […]

Novel Magic: For the Love of Hawthorne by Diana Rubino 5 comments

 Nathaniel Hawthorne authored such works as “Young Goodman Brown”–one of the best witchy tales ever– along with The House of the Seven Gables. Diana Rubino tells the true-life tale of Hawthorne’s romance with Sophie Peabody in this Novel Magic feature. Be sure to scroll down to enter the giveaway for a chance to win For the Love of Hawthorne PLUS an enchanted tale of my own. FOR THE LOVE OF HAWTHORNE by Diana Rubino Nathaniel Hawthorne’s courtship of Sophia […]

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Novel Magic: The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney 1 comment

The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney–this week’s Novel Magic feature–has everything we love! Enter the giveaway for a gift card and two free books! A Favorite Villain–excerpt from The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney Not only does The Hollow King have magic, adventure, fantasy creatures, it also has my favorite villain. I loved writing Ovezara. Here’s a brief glimpse of her… The glass orb sailed through the air and smashed against the stone wall. “He’s alive and at the […]