Anything that relates to Just Like Gravity, a paranormal romance released in November 2014

Fortune Tellers and Sooth Sayers

Before we get into the soothsaying, how about a $500 Amazon gift card?   If you answer “no, I don’t care anything about that” you can skip to the blog. It’s a scintillating discussion of divination techniques . . . . with pictures. If on the other hand, you are feeling lucky—Here’s the way to grab that cash. I’m participating in a little thing called March Mania with a wondrous wrack of writers—some romance, some paranormal and mostly both. To sign up to win the moohla, just click the picture below or use this link Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to…
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Listen to the Sound of my Voice: Guided Imagery for Past Life Regression

So here you are sitting in the office of a hypnotherapist getting ready for your first past life regression. You’ve practiced meditation, you’ve got a question you want answered, and you’ve got your safe place all ready–just in case. Now what? Here is a version of the guided imagery my hypnotherapist used as we went into the session. If you want to do this at home–and you can–record your own version or just run through it in your mind as you meditate. The trick is to find a quiet place where you will NOT be disturbed for an hour or…
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A Primer for Past Life Regressions

When I decided to write about reincarnation in Just Like Gravity, I wanted to try a past life regression for myself so I could use that experience in my book. Finding a hypnotist who does past life regressions wasn’t easy. Let me amend that: finding a reputable hypnotist who does past life regressions wasn’t easy.  I found several questionable people—somebody called Madame Sophia turned up in my Google search and for a while I thought I would have to give her a try. Finally, I located a certified hypnotherapist who has been in the business for some time, mostly helping…
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I’m the feature at Long and Short Reviews Anniversary party today only!  Answer a question about Just Like Gravity and enter the contest for $100 Amazon  or Barnes and Noble Gift card and other prizes. Just click the picture to go directly to my featured post.   WHAT!! You say you haven’t read JLG yet! Pick up a copy HERE.  And check out my new release–Coming in October 2015–Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones.

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