Mostly Celtic and Scottish, these posts deal with old tales and legends.

Startling News and Resulting List of 10 Essential Books 20

You know we like strange stories here in Sorchia’s Universe? Well here’s one I never thought I would be able to tell you! So my daughter is going to have a baby—a little girl due to make an entrance on or near my very own natal day– and that will make me a Grandma—Oma—maybe, Grand’Mere.  She will be the first, and judging by how long it has taken to get this far, possibly  the only grandchild. I’ve spent a […]

Girl Reading

Tartan Day Stone Put

Kilts and Cabers–Tartan Days and Highland Games

April 6 is an important day if you claim Scottish heritage. It’s the day the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320—Sort of Scotland’s Declaration of Independence which served as a model for the U.S. Declaration of Independence. But the date hasn’t always been celebrated—we just picked up the idea here in the U.S. in the late 1990s when The Scottish Coalition USA successfully petitioned the US Senate to adopt a resolution establishing April 6 as National Tartan Day. […]

Times the Universe Yelled at Me 2

Friday the 13th’s post is about those little jolts of synchronicity from Nature. The messages the natural world sends our way in the weirdest manners. But first, I have a non-natural sign to share with you. Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones will go on sale on October 20 and stay that way until November 3. What can this mean, you ask. What does this portend? Well, I’ll tell you. It means the release of Zoraida Grey and the […]

Vampires — Sucking for a Thousand Years

As a rule, I don’t do vampires. And when I do do vampires, I prefer this: or even this: Over this: But Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen took an interesting turn the other day which required a bit of research into the phenomena of blood suckers. So let’s define terms. The history of the word goes back at least as far as the 11th century to the Old Russian word upyri but the idea of the blood sucking […]

Novel Magic: The Mythological Origins of an Epic Romance by Guest Author Anna Durand 3

It’s my pleasure to kick off a brand new feature on Sorchia’s Universe which I’m going to call the Novel Magic until I can think of something better (suggestions welcome.) Every now and then, I’ll feature one of the talented authors I’ve been privileged to meet and give you a sneak peek into their thoughts and their latest work. We’ll specialize in paranormal, fantasy, horror, medieval, and steam punk because that’s what we do here!  Our first guest is  best-selling author Anna […]

Book Review: Spirits of Southeast Alaska by James P. Devereaux

By now you know my tastes–spooky or steamy or Scottish or all three–and when I find something share-worthy, I like to pass it along. This month’s selection falls firmly into the spooky category. Spirits of Southeast Alaska came to me by way of my daughter who got it by way of a co-worker and friend who just happens to be the author. Anyone who loves a good ghost story will find this little book hard to put down. From […]

Things That Go Bump in the Night–Popobawa 3

Most of the creatures we’ll look at during this A-Z blog have their roots in ancient history. Except this one. According to the story, an Arab sheik released a Djinn sometime in the 1970s. The sheik planned to use the Jinn to take vengeance on the sheik’s neighbors, but Djinns being Djinns and sheiks being sheiks, nothing worked out as planned. The Djinn escaped from the sheik’s power, but continued to wreak havoc. Popobawa is a fairly local phenomena, […]

Ogres and Giants and Trolls 1

A short and sweet post today. Exciting Times are coming to Sorchia’s Universe after this April Blog Challenge. Stay Tuned. Giants, ogres, and trolls have certain things in common.  They are large, not too bright, and have a penchant for eating children. Orcus was an Estruscan and later a Roman god of the underworld—not the main god, just a lesser one. He was also the god of broken oaths. From Orcus, one theory goes, came the word ogre and, in […]