Looking for new authors? Check these brave souls who visited Sorchia’s Universe.

Novel Magic: Paranormal Elements to Boost Mainstream Stories by Connie Johnson Hambley

Today, we’re talking about those subtle touches and whispers– a nudge at the top of the stairs–the scent of roses in the dead of winter–those little hints of a presence not entirely of this world with author Connie Hambley.   Paranormal Elements to Boost Mainstream Stories by Connie Johnson Hambley Frequent readers of Sorchia’s blog may gasp when reading this, but not everyone can digest a main course of paranormal or horror or fantasy. For some, a simple seasoning of other worldly elements is enough for the story to lure and satisfy a reader. I write mainstream thrillers with a…
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Novel Magic: Giving Books a New Life with Juli D.Revezzo

Audiobooks provide the same escape you found when your mom read stories out loud to you when you were a kid.  Remember how nice it was to close your eyes and fall into a story? These days you can listen to your favorite books via an audiobook service while you drive, make supper, or lounge on the couch with a glass of wine. Sorchia’s Universe is happy to present author Juli D.Revezzo, author of Lady of the Tarot. She’s going to tell you  about her experiences mining this method of publishing and a bit about her new book as well.…
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Novel Magic: A Dragon’s Treasure by Beverly Ovalle

If you don’t know by now, the most wonderful creatures populate Sorchia’s Universe. Our creature of the week is the star of Author Beverly Ovalle’s newest book, A Dragon’s Treasure. Be sure to enter Beverly’s contest for a Kindle Fire!!! Here’s Beverly to tell you about her addiction to dragons and her new book. Here be Dragons! I’ve always been fascinated with dragons, lizards and dinosaurs. Add in my addiction to romance and the eventual coming out of Paranormal Romance and I found my niche! I’m a firm believer that dragons had to be real once upon a time. Maybe they…
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Novel Magic: A Walk Down a Dark Street…Steampunk Style by Laura Strickland

It is my great pleasure to welcome Laura Strickland to Novel Magic this week. With at least 26 books under her belt (according to Goodreads) Laura writes historical romance and magical tales. Her latest, Steel Kisses, is the third in her Buffalo Steampunk Adventure series–and it has everything Sorchia’s Universe requires! But Laura can tell you about it more eloquently than I can. A Walk Down a Dark Street. . .Steampunk Style by Laura Strickland Imagine you’re walking down a dark, narrow street in a shadowed city. It might be Victorian London, it might be Toronto or Boston, San Francisco…
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