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We do two kinds of posts here: Novel Magic posts on Thursdays and Book Whammies on Fridays.

  • NEW!!!! With each post, I’ll create a 3D cover of your book and a snazzy promo graphic with your cover and your tagline. I’ll use these to promote the post, but they will be standard-issue so you can use them however you choose. These are totally free just for signing up to be my guest for either a Novel Magic post or a Book Whammy.


Novel Magic Guest Posts 

Thursdays are for Novel Magic guest posts. These are engaging posts that give a little backstory or an interesting tidbit about you and/or your books. Keep ’em snappy. Keep ’em short. We cater to the weird, the magical, the occult, the witchy, the spooky, the strange, the mysterious, the. . .well, you get the idea.

Explain the genesis of a quirky character. Describe the real life place that inspired your setting. If you’ve gone on a ghost hunt or had a supernatural experience–Cool. Tell us about that. If your books deal with some legendary creature–explain. If you’ve taken a trip and brought back the bones of a demon monk–by all means–share a picture.

  • Guest Post of no more than 750 words
  • Back cover Blurb
  • Cover image
  • Social Media Links
  • Buy links for the book
  • (Optional) 50 word bio
  • (Optional) Author pic (jpeg or png of no more than 1MB—if you aren’t certain about this, let me know and I will resize. The main thing is to make certain the picture loads quickly.)
  • If you include a image to go with your post, That picture needs to be free of copyright issues. It can be a picture you took yourself or one you got from a royalty-free or Creative commons site.
  • When you email me about your guest post and when you send your content, please send to SorchiaDuBois @ hughes . net or SorchiasUniverse @ Hughes . net Put “Novel Magic_Your name_scheduled Date” in the subject line. (Novel Magic_SorchiaDubois_August 1, 2018)

Book Whammy

Fridays are for  Book Whammies. No guest post required. This is a straight promo for your new release, cover reveal, or back list promo.

  • Cover
  • Back cover Blurb (300 word minimum)
  • Excerpt of no more than 750 words
  • buy links
  • author pic and 25 word bio
  • social media links

I’ll post your stuff and send out a plethora of posts on FB, G+, Tumbler, Linkedin and a torrent of Tweets.  My goal is to do 10 posts on a variety of media on that Friday with another 10 through the next week. I do this with a social media scheduler, so if that goes down–so do our planned posts. Seldom happens, but in short, I’m not responsible for third party failures. By the By–I’ll also do a little spellcasting for success if that is something you could use. If you would prefer not, just let me know.

  • When you email me about your guest post and when you send your content, please send to SorchiaDuBois @ hughes . net. Put “BookWhammy_Your name_scheduled Date” in the subject line. (Bookwhammy_SorchiaDubois_August 1, 2018)


What You can do to help spread the word

  • Post the link to your post on your social media a couple of times during the day.
  • Like, Share, Retweet the posts I send out.
  • Alert your mailing list about the post.
  • Share the post in FB reader groups.
  • Use hashtags in Instagram and Twitter.
  • Questions, comments, gifts of cash? Email me and we’ll talk!


Still With Me?

Here’s what  you do:

(Be sure to do steps 1-3 or I won’t get your booking.)

  1. Choose a Thursday if you want to do a Novel Magic Guest Post or choose a Friday to reserve a Book Whammy.  If the  day you want is  GREEN and clickable–that means it is open and you can sign up for that date. If it is  RED  and not clickable then that date is not available.
  2. Fill in the form below the calendar.
  3. Click Send!
  4. You should be sent to a Thank You Page when your sign up.
  5. Shortly thereafter you should get a confirmation email. If you do not get the confirmation email, it means the purple gremlins who monitor the calendar are drunk again. Please email me at SorchiasUniverse (at) gmail (dot) com.



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