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Sorchia’s Universe

Novel Magic Guest Post Guidelines


Word limits are flexible but please keep your entire post between 400 and 1000 words. A little over or a little under is fine. My goal is to keep the posts manageable, which encourages readers to read the whole thing. Long posts tend to be ignored.


  1. Book Releases, Cover Reveals, Book Promos: Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Steam Punk, Medieval ONLY–-any romance or thriller with these elements is perfect for Sorchia’s Universe. Please know that I don’t expect our relationship to be exclusive–you can blog around with the same content you put in Sorchia’s Universe if you so choose. While you are welcome to post nothing but the blurb and an excerpt, I highly suggest you post a combination of a guest post and an excerpt. See #2.


  1. Guest Posts: Elaborate on a topic related to your writing–-your experiences as a ghost hunter, a haunting you heard about, a legend or myth you came across. Give our readers something to think about, relate to, or be shocked by. The spookier, weirder, freakier–THE BETTER!! Give them something more than a “Buy my Book” plea—even thought that is what we want them to do 


  1. Excerpts: Please feel free to post an excerpt from your latest release in any post. The content of the excerpt should be PG13, even if your book is hotter. Keep in mind that Sorchia’s Universe tends toward the weird, so grab the freakiest passage in your book if you can.


  1. What to send to me: A-E can be in one attachment.
    1. The entire post –400 to 1000 words–this includes your excerpt. Please keep excerpts PG though your book may be any heat level.
    2. Author bio–250 or fewer words
    3. Your buy links
    4. Your contact and social media
    5. Text for three social media posts–Tweets, Facebook, whatever. I’ll add the link to your post on Sorchia’s Universe and your cover image and I’ll share wherever I can. Also, please refer/link to #Sorchia’sUniverse, #NovelMagic, @SorchiaDuBois in your own promos for your post. I love to promote authors, but I also love to get new subscribers. I’ll be happy to steer my followers your way in return.
    6. Book Cover jpeg
    7. Author picture jpeg (optional but encouraged)


  1. Where to send it: SorchiasUniverse @ Hughes (dot) net
    1. You know the drill, close up the spaces and type . for (dot)
    2. Please use this for the subject line: Your name_Date your post is scheduled (for example–Sorchia Dubois_Oct. 31, 2017)
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