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The Universe is open again!  We’ve torn down the pink cotton-ball wall and flung open the swizzle-stick gates.

Novel Magic in Sorchia's Universe

Now scheduling promo posts for authors who write about ghosties and ghoulies, witches or weirdos, mystery and madness. If you write Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, SteamPunk, Medieval, Paranormal, or anything vaguely related, WE WANT YOU.

Please read all the guidelines below to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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  • Topics and genres. If your book has one or more of the following elements—We want YOU in Sorchia’s Universe.
    • Paranormal
    • Mystery
    • Magic
    • Fantasy
    • Thrillers
    • Horror
    • SteamPunk
    • Other—If you think your book belongs in Sorchia’s Universe, tell me about it. My preferences are liberal so I’ll be happy to take almost any genre, but will give 1st choice to those listed.
  • 750 word limit—this is for the entire post including any excerpt, blurb, author bio, or post. It is absolutely fine (even recommended) that you send readers off to explore your own website where the rest of the excerpt or post is located if you want to expand on that 750 words.
  • What to include in your post. You can include any or all of these items. Mix and match to your little heart’s content. The word counts are just guidelines and not rules, so vary the length of each section as you see fit—AS LONG AS THE TOTAL WORD COUNT FOR YOUR WHOLE, ENTIRE POST IS NO MORE THAN 750. (Feel free to steer readers to your own website for more content if you want to.)
    • Back cover blurb (about 150 words)
    • Cover
    • Short post on a topic related to your book ( 250-500 words)
    • Excerpt (250-500 words)
    • Author bio (25 to 50 words)
    • Author pic
    • Promo graphic (any teaser on the graphic does not count against your word count.)
    • Buy links–You can also link to your website where all of your links are located or you can individually post links to Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, etc.
    • Social media links–Please focus on one to three links only.
  • Giveaway—This is a requirement. I’ll set up a Rafflecopter giveaway, but please plan to provide one (1) book, story, or item related to your book. (Contest rules and guidelines do not count against your 750 word count. )
    • Use a copy of a backlist title or a copy of your latest release. Dollar value is up to you but 5 to 10 is probably about right for this kind of thing for any items other than books you want to use as prizes. Gift cards work, too. Totally up to you. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume your prize is the book you are promoting in this post.
    • I will match it with a free book of my own so the winner gets 2 free items.
    • Only 1 winner.
    • I will send you the winner’s email and you will send or gift them your book. I’ll do the same for mine.
    • Contest will run for 6 days with the winner announced on the next week’s Novel Magic post.
    • To enter, readers will be asked to comment on your post.
  • I am an editor by trade and temperament so I will edit your post for grammar, spelling, and sentence construction. I can’t help it; this is literally a necessity for me. When you read the final version, let me know if I have messed something up. I will not change content or meaning. If I have a question about something I want to change, I will email you, but generally my changes will be non-intrusive.
  • How to format your post.
    • Put all the text in one Word or RTF document.
    • Clearly label the pictures and send them as JPEG or PNG files of no more than 3 MB. If you need me to resize, I can do that.
    • Provide links—buy links, social media links, links to your website, links to events–Put these in the document and make sure they work.
  • Where to send the post.
    • First, use the link to Signup Genius to schedule your post.
    • At least 1 week before your scheduled date, email the content to me at
      • If you want to try out our new Info form, go HERE to put your info in a snazzy Google Doc. Either way is fine as long as I have your stuff before your post date.
    • In the subject line of any emails you send to me concerning your post, put the following:
      • Novel Magic_BOOKTITLE_Date of your post
      • Example:

Novel Magic_Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones_8/1/2019

  • BONUS: The 5 Posts that receive the most comments/giveaway entries during the quarter will be featured in my quarterly newsletter.
    • Newsletter dates:
      • August 1
      • October 31
      • February 2
      • May 1

Here’s the sign-up link again. 

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