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Now scheduling promo posts for authors who write about ghosties and ghoulies, witches or weirdos, mystery and madness. If you write Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, SteamPunk, Medieval, Paranormal, or anything vaguely related, WE WANT YOU.

Please read all the guidelines below to make sure you know what you’re getting into. For a look at current posts, visit Sorchia’s Universe-The Blog.

3 Steps to Enter the Universe

  1. Schedule a time Here.
  2. Check out the guidelines below or on this Google form.
  3. Submit your content to either the Google Doc form or email to

Here’s the Long Version

#1 Schedule A Time for your Post

Visit this link to find an open date and sign up:

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#2 Write Your Post

Keep it Short

Somewhere around 750 words is perfect for the entire post including any excerpt, blurb, author bio, or post. It is absolutely fine (even recommended) that you send readers off to explore your own website where the rest of the excerpt or post is located if you want to expand on that 750 words.

What to Include

You can include any or all of these items. Mix and match to your little heart’s content. The word counts are just guidelines and not rules, so vary the length of each section as you see fit—as long as you stay below or barely over 750 words – give or take. Steer readers to your own website for more content if you want to.

  • Cover
  • Back cover blurb (about 150 words)
  • Short post on a topic related to your book ( 250-500 words)
  • Excerpt (250-500 words)
  • Author bio (25 to 50 words)
  • Author pic
  • Promo graphic (any teaser on the graphic does not count against your word count.)
  • Buy links–You can also link to your website where all of your links are located or you can individually post links to Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, etc.
  • Social media links–Please focus on one to three links only.

Monthly Giveaway—This is a requirement.

All you have to do is provide one (1) book, story, or item related to your book and distribute your prize when its over.  I do the rest.

Contests run for 1 month and include all the authors who are my guests in that month plus I add a book of my own. The prize will be books/items from 5-6 authors. Only one winner. I’ll email you the winner’s address and you distribute your prize. Easy peasy; lemon squeezy. I hope.

#3 Submit your Post

How to Submit your Content

  • Once you’ve selected a date, please visit this site and add your content to the form. You can fill in each question or attach your document and images to the form.


I am an editor by trade and temperament so I will edit your post for grammar, spelling, and sentence construction. I can’t help it; this is literally a necessity for me. When you read the final version, let me know if I have messed something up. I will not change content or meaning. If I have a question about something I want to change, I will email you, but generally my changes will be non-intrusive.