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Music Lover

Friday Fictioneer time again. A 100-word story based on the photo–doesn’t sound addicting, but it is. Feed your addiction at Music Lover “Maybe it doesn’t like bagpipe music.” Her wet feet shuffled in the boat’s bottom. “We’re in Scotland aren’t we?” The instrument emitted a half-hearted bleat as he settled it on his hip. She eased her fingers into her ears. For an hour, squawks and squeaks ricocheted from the loch’s surface to the grim hills and back. “I give up,” he said finally, picking up the oars. Behind them, sinuous coils of scaly flesh broke the murky surface…
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Ghosthunting 101 and Charmed

Friday Fictioneers offering on May 1–May Day–Beltane to some. The challenge, of course, is to write a story in 100 words or less based on the photo prompt. This addictive pursuit is open to thrill-seeking writers at Inspiration struck unexpectedly and I wrote two for this week.  In my spare time, I make soy candles. This picture must have triggered something.  Ghosthunting 101 “Do you hear that?” Cold mist clutched my ankles. I paused uncertainly on the slippery stone steps. “Something’s dripping,” Norbert hissed in my ear. We continued downward. Black satin darkness enshrouded us, held at bay by the…
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Z is for Zodiac

Before I launch into the big finish for this A-Z Blog Challenge, I want to sincerely thank all of you who suffered through it with me—either by reading my blogs or by writing your own. I greatly appreciate your comments and likes and will repay in kind now that I’m finished with the constant state of panic I’ve been in every day this month as another daily deadline approached. My goals for this little project were to A) do it—actually write 30 blogs on a theme and get them posted daily. B) Get used to blogging regularly instead of sitting…
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