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K is for Karma

Karma is one of those words that mean different things to different people. The concept is hard to pin down in just a few words. It’s origins are Sanskrit but like all words, it’s meaning has evolved over a very long time. The idea is in every religion though often defined as system of reward and punishment. In general, karma refers to the idea that ethical behavior is rewarded. Punishment isn’t a part of karma. Instead, if you don’t behave ethically in a certain situation, you get another opportunity to do better—until you get it right. It’s like Groundhog Day…
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J is for Jinx

How the word Jinx came to mean bad luck or a person who causes bad luck is a twisted tale. Here’s my unofficial and very subjective theory based on research, deep thought, and at least one glass of Scotch. Way back in the sixteenth century, a bunch of Scotsmen sat around the fire with nothing to do so they invented yet another drinking game. They named it High Pranks—how this translates to Scots Gaelic I have no idea and since they were all drunk and since Scots Gaelic is an adventure all of its own, that bit of history is…
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Morning After

“The sky’s spinning.” Ruprik eyed the gaudy carnival canopy above him through narrowed eyes. Cold from the cobblestones seeped into his back. He untwisted his arm from the legs of an overturned chair and pulled the damp tablecloth across his shoulders. His friend Chauncey lay nearby. Chauncey hazarded a glance but squeezed his eyes shut. Despite the ice-bucket stuck on his left foot, he curled himself into the fetal position. “That hideous light must mean it’s morning.” “What happened?” “Drinking was involved. I recall having sherry on the veranda.” “Odd,” said Ruprik, “I’m sure I had her in the kitchen.”…
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I is for Incantation

An incantation is a spell—a chant or rhyme meant to have magical effect. It comes from a Latin word meaning to sing or chant. As time passed, the word took on the more specific magical meaning. Partly for fun, partly to make this blog entry super easy for me, here is the best incantation of all time. From “the Scottish play” of course, and easily the freakiest thing you will see in the next fifteen minutes. You can’t really hear the words in the clip so I’ve posted them below—and yes that is Patrick Stuart who pops in at the…
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