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I’m not schizophrenic; I’m a writer!!

When I sat down at the keyboard and started writing paranormal romance and mystery stories,  my name was Kay Lawson, but something wasn’t working.  Words weren’t coming, sentences weren’t sentencing, and paragraphs weren’t even paragraphing. At first, I hoped these problems were the result of a little rust on the old writing muscles—just a bit of literary atrophy.  After a month or two of tapping out total and unadulterated tripe, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered if––and it was a big ‘if’—if maybe I had no talent. Now, I’ve always had an alter ego. She was my…
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A Witch’s Tale

Once upon a time in the deep dark forest of Shannon County, Missouri, in America there lived a witch.  Not an evil, pea-green, toddler-roasting witch and not a squeaky-voiced, insulin-depleted, do-gooder witch, just an everyday herb-growing, cat-loving, candle-making, moon-watching, tree-hugging sort of witch. The witch loved her house and her yard and her garden. One of her favorite things about the deep dark forest of Shannon County, Missouri, in America was that hardly anybody else lived there. She could go about her cat-loving, moon-watching business with no annoying interference. Grass grew on the road to her tall, witch-friendly house since…
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Bucket List Haunted Tour (plus a side trip)

From ghoulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! High on my list of bucket list tours—Note to self: Great name for my travel agency—is a haunted tour of Scotland.  Apparently, you can’t swing a cat in Scotland without smacking into some kind of supernatural entity. The place is stiff with ghosts, spirits, mermaids, fairies, mysterious and shadowy figures, haunted castles, ladies of all the hues in the rainbow, and any other kind of paranormal critter you can imagine. As I prepare for my tour, I’ve made a list of…
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Equinox: Balancing Light and Dark

At 3:44 P.M. CDT on Sept. 22, the earth will stand straight up in relation to the sun. The sun will shine directly down on the equator. Day and Night balance at 12 hours each (or as close as we ever get to it). Light and Dark are perfectly counterbalanced. In the next second, the earth begins the slow tip to the south which ends on December 21. We literally fall into winter to be caught by gravity on the Winter Solstice. I put up Halloween decorations on the equinox, partly because inside I am thirteen years old, and partly…
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