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About my A-Z Blog and Abracadabra

Steve miller Band – Abracadabra – YouTube. As a freckle-faced, barefoot youngling, I searched high and low for a magic word to free me from my mundane existence—to transport me worlds away from my rocky farm in southern Missouri.  I stood on a little hill near my house at dusk, arms extended.  I spoke, I whispered, I shouted at the moon–word after word with the fervent faith of a ten year old.  My parents must have been concerned. Later, as an Oh-too-dramatic Gothic teenager, I wrote mystical symbols on parchment and burned them at midnight under a full moon, watching…
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A Two-Fer–New Magic and Second Wind

Friday Fictioneers offering for March 26.  Join the fun at I was inspired by the extra day Rochelle allowed us for this weeks Friday Fictioneers and did two–each one exactly 100 words. [-] Content Index New Magic Second Wind New Magic Pyewacket sat beside the ancient oak. He flicked his silver wings three times and kicked a dried piece of rabbit dung with the toe of his spiderweb boot. Afternoon dwindled to dusk. At last, Peaseblossom settled beside him with a tinkling laugh. “You’re late,” he snapped. “Fairies don’t understand time. Country fairies least of all.” She held a…
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A-Z Blog Theme Reveal

Magic–words, phrases, objects, and some things that may just be magical to me–all in alphabetical order!  That’s the theme for my A-Z blog this year. And, of course, shameless plugs for my paranormal romance novel Just Like Gravity, due out March/April. Cover by Oghma Creative Media Got a suggestion for a blog topic in the theme of magic?  Leave me a note. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

The Last One?

Friday Fictioneers offering for March 19. You can play, too, at   The building was empty, abandoned. “This must be the last one in the city we haven’t done.” She unbuttoned his coat. “You’re joking!” He knew she wasn’t. “You always say that, but you enjoy yourself despite all. Remember the apartment building downtown?” She pulled him into the elevator by his coat lapel. “Very slow. Lots of bumps.” He smiled at the memory. “And city hall?” “Distracting music, but we got to the top.” He remembered it well. “Twice.” She giggled. “All that walnut veneer inspired me.” “Going…
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