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Book Review: Spirits of Southeast Alaska by James P. Devereaux

By now you know my tastes–spooky or steamy or Scottish or all three–and when I find something share-worthy, I like to pass it along. This month’s selection falls firmly into the spooky category.

Spirits of Southeast Alaska came to me by way of my daughter who got it by way of a co-worker and friend who just happens to be the author. Anyone who loves a good ghost story will find this little book hard to put down.

From the ghostly wailings of shipwreck victims to shadow figures of long-dead villains to kindly spirits who oversee much-loved businesses, Devereaux’s book is filled with tales of paranormal activity. What makes this book stand out is the attention to historic detail. Ghosts don’t just grow on trees, after all. Every screaming banshee and moaning apparition tells a tale of a life lived and lost.

Violent and often barbaric, the history of Southeast Alaska probably wasn’t featured in your high school history books. In loving detail, Devereaux paints  vivid pictures of  the men and women who, sometimes for better but mostly for worse, sought their fortunes in the gold mines and boom towns of this wild region. Then he does a crack-up job of relating the experiences of the current Alaska inhabitants– chilling experiences which suggest  the former residents are still restless.

I guarantee you’ll find at least one story that lingers. You’ll recall it on a dark and stormy night when an Arctic wind howls out  of the North–a shivery little chill reminding you of tragedy, murder, and unsettled souls.

Now, as an editor and teacher, I have to say that I found a few overly lengthy sentences and a few missing Oxford commas–Oh, the Humanity! Seriously, I have to say that. Can’t help it. But these minor oversights didn’t keep me from shivering my way to the very end of this entertaining collection.

I highly recommend Spirits of Southeast Alaska to anyone who enjoys history and hauntings.


Grab a copy of the book HERE and be sure to let me know what you think of it. I’d also encourage you to post a review for the author on Amazon. We writers live for reviews. A few words and a few stars to let us know you’re out there keep us warm at night.

Book Review: Santorini Sunset by Clair Croxton

Cover by Oghma Creative Media

Cover by Oghma Creative Media

Nobody’s perfect but Caroline feels less perfect than anyone else on the planet.

Yes, I’m fat and can’t keep a man. Move on please. Nothing to see here except humiliation. I’ll make an appointment to get the loser L tattooed on my forehead before the wedding. Small talk with Mother is like a bikini wax done with hot tar.

She’s pressed to be matron of honor at her super-model sister’s wedding and she invents a hunky boyfriend to save face—since sis is getting hitched to Caroline’s old fiancé. One lie leads to another. The wedding looms and her mother’s unexpected visit forces Caroline to come up with a man in short order.

What to do?

When the tasty Spaniard who works in Caroline’s office agrees to help, he has no idea what he’s stepping into. And neither does Caroline. Is Raul just doing her a favor, or does he have something else in mind? It’s not just the Grecian sun that’s hot.

“Tu eres una mujer muy atractiva.” With my ear lobe between his teeth, he gazed at me in the mirror. “A very attractive woman.” How he expected me to apply lipstick without smearing it over my teeth and cheeks was beyond me.

Claire infuses her characters with wit and pizazz as she sinks them ever deeper in the tangled web of deceit and wedding madness. Join the wedding party in Greece and watch the sparks fly as Raul and Caroline take their masquerade seriously.

Find out more about Claire Croxton Here. Buy Santorini Sunset Here.


If you like paranormal adventure and romance, visit my

Cover by Oghma Creative

Cover by Oghma Creative

page—SorchiaDubois.com. My latest book, Just Like Gravity, a paranormal romance set in Scotland, involves past lives, treachery, and murder. It’s available Here.

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Book Review: Noisy Creek by Pamela Foster

Greetings and Felicitations.  During this gift-giving season, I’d like to suggest you forget the department stores and support local businesses including local artists and writers. With that in mind, I’m going to be posting reviews of books by local authors from now until Christmas.  If you have a book you want me to review, leave a note.  I can only read so fast, but I’m willing to try.


My Review:

Pam Foster cooked up quite a tasty dish in her latest novel Noisy Creek.Noisy Creek cover by Oghma Creative

Take one fifty-five year old self-sufficient, self-assured, smart-mouthed southern woman and add a tall drink of water named Colin Jenkins, a tasty dish himself but at least fifteen years her junior. Mix in an odd assortment of relatives, friends, lovers, and foes. Steep in a sultry Georgia summer and roll in small town doin’s and local politics. What you get is a rollicking and earthy portrait of a gal who squeezes every last bit of juice out of life and distills it down to potent brew.

If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, Pam’s description of Noisy Creek rings a true as a come-to-meetin’ church bell. One of three sisters, Alyson Ruth Barr—Baby Ruth to her friends and family—takes life as it comes. She’s had the good and the bad:

I lay here under him for a minute or two before I realized he wasn’t breathing. Then I waited another minute, praying for the familiar rise and fall of his chest. By the time I rolled him off and called 911, I didn’t need the paramedics to tell me my third husband was dead.

At fifty-five, she owns and operates a lucrative business and is surrounded by life-long friends and an eccentric, free-thinking family, but when a cousin introduces her to a younger man, she finds she has plenty of life left to live.

A shiver runs through me. I cross my arms and try for a matronly smile. The last thing I want is for Colin Jenkins to think that I am one of those silly older women who foolishly get all hot and bothered by gorgeous younger men. Because I most certainly am not.

Filled with family recipes like “Cousin Sally’s Brunswick Stew”, “Miss Nancy’s Pralines,” and “Coonass Shrimp Ettoufée,” the book drips with southern wit, southern charm, and southern talkin’.

“As her hostess, y’all probably should have paid a little more attention to how much that girl was drinking.” She does her best to shame me. “You know that child is no bigger than a minute, and, bless her heart, doesn’t have the brains God gave a goose. You need to speak with Jesus about settin’ that full pitcher of peach dynamite right in front of that child.” She lectures me just as though I give a rat’s ass.

Get another slice of Tricia’s Better-Than-Sex-With-A-Younger-Man pie, mix up a pitcher of sweet tea, and read Noisy Creek to see if there’s going to be a husband number four for Baby Ruth Barr.

Find out more about Pam and her writing at her Amazon Author Page and on her website.


Cover by Oghma Creative

Cover by Oghma Creative

If you like paranormal adventure and romance, visit my page—SorchiaDubois.com. My latest book, Just Like Gravity, a paranormal romance set in Scotland, involves past lives, treachery, and murder. It’s available Here.

You can find reviews Here and Here.  If you read Just Like Gravity, please consider writing a review on Amazon.com and/or Goodreads.com.