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Novel Magic: A Dragon’s Treasure by Beverly Ovalle

If you don’t know by now, the most wonderful creatures populate Sorchia’s Universe. Our creature of the week is the star of Author Beverly Ovalle’s newest book, A Dragon’s Treasure. Be sure to enter Beverly’s contest for a Kindle Fire!!! Here’s Beverly to tell you about her addiction to dragons and her new book.

Here be Dragons!

I’ve always been fascinated with dragons, lizards and dinosaurs. Add in my addiction to romance and the eventual coming out of Paranormal Romance and I found my niche! I’m a firm believer that dragons had to be real once upon a time. Maybe they aren’t what they used to be, but they are still around. Who can say for sure that dragons didn’t exist?

My scale babies, Shui and Schwai, were Chinese Water Dragons. Shui would greet me at the door, his head peeking out just as I came home. I know how affectionate my dragons were (and how sharp their teeth were!) and took what I knew of them, how they lived, played, how they felt to the touch, and extrapolated from there!

Combining my interests has me churning out (slowly but still…) books that have subjects that fascinate me. I hope they catch your interest as well.

New Release: A Dragon’s Treasure

A dragon’s most desired treasure is his mate, but what if she didn’t want to be?


The Blurb

Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Drawn to a singular place on earth, filled with treasures, he still seeks the greatest treasure of them all. His mate.

Fleeing danger, Connie runs into the arms of destiny, but she has plans already, and a Dragon mate is not on the agenda.

Kai has waited centuries for Connie, and he will claim his mate. Patience may not be a Dragon’s virtue, but he always gets his treasure.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.

Grab your own copy here:

Amazon Universal link: http://mybook.to/buyADragonsTreasure

eRetailers Universal link http://www.books2read.com/ADragonsTreasure

A little taste:

She would make a magnificent dragon. Wrapped in all the gold he could give her, her flesh peeking from beneath. She was his.




He looked over at Ellen, lifting a brow in inquiry.


“Don’t mess with my cousin.”


He grinned. “I’m not. She’s my mate.” Ellen’s eyes widened while Breccan and Maxwell snickered. His eyes wandered down the hall she’d flounced out. She might have meant to look fierce, but her bouncy blonde hair and petite size negated that. Kai wanted nothing more than to follow her and claim her. Her scent was even stronger in the enclosed space than wafting on the breeze. He’d bet she wore a dragon’s mark somewhere on her luscious body. He couldn’t wait to hunt for it.


“Holy cow! Are you sure?” Ellen grinned. “That’s great!”


Breccan chimed in. “By her reaction, I’d say not so great.” He sported a big grin on his face. “Looks like Kai will have a battle on his hands.”


Maxwell’s sly twist of his lips showed he was enjoying the situation too.


Kai glared at them. Damn wolves. They were a pain. He could see the colors in the kitchen change as his dragon attempted to get out. A little barbeque wolf was a tasty snack. The rumble of agreement by his dragon made him smirk. He couldn’t hurt those two, no matter how aggravating they were. Breccan was the only reason Ellen didn’t spend her days wrapped in fear any more. His dragon reluctantly settled down.


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Author Bio:

Beverly Ovalle has been obsessed with dragons and romance since she was a young girl, collecting dragon books and reading everything she could find on them even down to the care of real life dragons. She’s always been slightly panicked that the world as we know it will end, so has prepped for it, haunting survivalist pages and prepper projects she felt she needed in the event SHTF.

An avid fan of all romance, Beverly’s goal is to share her love of the written word and write the hot and erotic romances that she enjoys. She writes what she loves to read and it was only a matter of time before her obsessions crept into her writing for her to share. She hopes you enjoy her tales as much as she loves writing them.

A Navy Veteran, Beverly has traveled around the world and the United States enabling her to bring her settings to life, meeting and marrying her husband of twenty eight years along the way for her own romance. Reading romances since the fourth grade she’s followed as the genre changed and spread into the vast cornucopia of romance offered today.


Author Web & Social Media links:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BeverlyOvalleAuthor

Website: www.beverlyovalle.com

Blog:  http://SSLYblog.wordpress.com/

Tumblr:  http://ovalleba.tumblr.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ovalleba

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/ovalleba/

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/BeverlyOvalle

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BeverlyOvalle0211/posts

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/-r58z


Things That Go Bump in the Night–Unrelated Creatures Whose Names Start with D

A couple of D monsters to start off your day: the Irish Dearg Due and , what else, Dragons.

The Dearg Due is an Irish vampire. Dearg-Due means “red-blood sucker” in Irish (pronounced DAH-ruhg DU-ah / DAH-ruh-guh DU-ah). In true Irish fashion, her story is one of betrayal and vengeance.

 Dearg-Due: An Irish Vampire Source: medbherenn.com

Dearg-Due: An Irish Vampire Source: medbherenn.com

The original Dearg Due was a beautiful lass who fell in love with a handsome peasant boy. Unfortunately, her father arranged for her to marry a rich, but evil nobleman. Her new husband locked her away, keeping her beauty for himself. Either he beat her to death or,in despair, she killed herself. The husband buried her in a shallow grave and quickly found a new wife. One year after her death, the lass rose from the grave as the beautiful but deadly Dearg-Due. She took vengeance first on her father and then on her husband and then on the new wife and then on anyone else who got in her way. People living in the area got into the habit of putting stones on her grave on the anniversary of her death to keep her from rising again—but sometimes they forget.


No D- day on the April Blog Challenge is complete without at least one dragon!

Dragon 1

The word dragon comes from the Greek word draconta which means “to watch” and in legend dragons watch over their hordes of ill-gotten treasures.  The Bible mentions dragons and their ability to spout flames was a metaphor for the yawning mouth of Hell.

Zmey Gorynych, the Russian three-headed dragon

Zmey Gorynych, the Russian three-headed dragon

In antiquity, dragons were represented as legless worms or as lizard-like critters with stubby legs. Chinese Dragons are symbols of good luck. Vietnamese dragons bring rain. Asian dragons are yang elements and represent the monarchy—power and majesty.

In the Middle Ages, European dragons sprouted bat-like wings (probably another way to equate them with Satan and the forces of evil.) Back in the day, if you were an upwardly-mobile knight, killing a dragon could be an excellent career move. Unfought dragons were excellent excuses for building an army—a ploy still used today. Nothing gets the populace riled up like a dragon (the original WMD) lurking in –oh, lets say—southeast Asia or the Middle East.

Saint George Killing the Dragon, 1434/35, byMartorell

Saint George Killing the Dragon, 1434/35, byMartorell

I think it would be possible to do an entire A-Z challenge on dragons alone—but for today and for this humble post, I just want to pay homage.


Tomorrow: E for Echidna—the half-woman/ half-snake of Greek mythology


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Friday Fictioneers–Of Stout and Dragons

Happy New Year!

Here is my offering for Friday Fictioneers—a weekly challenge to write a 100-word story using a photo prompt.


See you in 2016!


Of Stout and Dragons


Ned sips his eighth pint of stout and gazes out the pub windows, watching the pink dragon chase birds in the parking lot.

His hand curls protectively around the glass.

Tom slides into the chair beside him.

Ned pulls his beer closer. “Isn’t it a law they can’t sell you more drink if you’re already drunk?”

“Aye. Sal will cut you off.”

“How would she know if a chap was too far gone?”

“If you see visions or can’t walk, maybe.”

“I’m seeing pink dragons, man.”

“You’re crazy,” says Tom, his lips curled in disgust. “All our dragons are blue.”

Photo courtesy Jean L. Hays

Photo courtesy Jean L. Hays