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Fortune Tellers and Sooth Sayers

Before we get into the soothsaying, how about a $500 Amazon gift card?   If you answer “no, I don’t care anything about that” you can skip to the blog. It’s a scintillating discussion of divination techniques . . . . with pictures. If on the other hand, you are feeling lucky—Here’s the way to grab that cash. I’m participating in a little thing called March Mania with a wondrous wrack of writers—some romance, some paranormal and mostly both. To sign up to win the moohla, just click the picture below or use this link http://www.bestromanceauthorgiveaways.com/march-mania-giveaway/ Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to…
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Words of Love

Since the first caveman scratched “Og luffs Ogette” on a dusty cave wall, people have been bumfuzzled by that crazy little thing called LOVE. Those of us who write romance novels aren’t any better off than the rest of you. We spend our days and nights in agonizing indecision about how to knit the essence of love into our characters. Last night,  I took the modern recourse for a tortured soul looking for love—I searched the Intrawebs for enlightenment. I found plenty of words of wisdom on the subject. Some people seem to have a dim view of love: We don’t…
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A Haunted Halloween Hop–Painted Lady Ghosts of Scotland

Welcome to my Stop on ABA’s Haunted Halloween Hop. Keep hopping by using the list of writers at the bottom of this post. My topic? Ghosts, of course. When I decided to write Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones, I wanted the series to be chock full of everything I love—haunted castles, men in kilts, witches, Scotland, did I mention men in kilts, and–lastly but not leastly–ghosts. A quick bit of research reveals that Scotland glows with female ghosts of various hues. I wanted to add a couple of ghosts of color, and thus, the Lilac Lady of Castle Logan was born—because I…
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Wild Rose Summer Treats and Reads BLOG HOP Extravaganza

[-] Content Index Looking for new favorite authors? Looking for new favorite authors? Join over thirty Wild Rose authors for Summer treats and links to great reads. The hop starts July 22 and goes through July 30. Sign up for our Grand Prize–A Kindle Fire. Visit blogs for summer recipes, summer retreats, and summer life hacks. Many authors are running contests on their blogs in addition to the Grand Prize, so visit as many as you can. And, of course, check out the excellent books—from sweet to steamy to downright boiling— every kind of romance you can imagine. Follow this…
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