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News–A Guest Post–and a Request for Happy Thoughts

Greetings and Felicitations!!

I have had the mother of all summer colds which has spiraled into one of those dark nights of the soul. Never fear–I’m treating it with liberal doses of Scotch. I should be completely cured in a matter of days. From my bed of pain, I’ve managed to write a guest post on an intriguing site called Compelling Beasts.

Despite the plague, I’ve got a bit of exciting news.

First, Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones is a finalist for a Prism Award presented by FF&P a chapter of Romance Writers of America. I’m one of three finalists and am so thrilled to be mentioned along with these talented writers. Here is the complete list of finalists–every one of these books should be on the summer reading list! The winner will be announced at the RWA convention in Orlando, Florida, Friday, July 28 at 7 pm EST, Hold a happy thought around that time.


Second--and this is huge–Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen is one step closer to publication. My editor is looking over the synopsis right now. I hope to have really good news in a couple of weeks. As all my writer friends know, once the publisher accepts a story, the work really begins with edits, revisions, cover details, and innumerable little things that have to happen before launch day. Still–I’m so happy to be standing at the edge of this cliff. This book took longer to write than it should have and I’m determined the last book in the series will not be delayed.

Last but not least, I’m guesting at a lovely place called Compelling Beasts BlogMale Witches: Boys of the Hood.

Check it out for  an excerpt from Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones. 



If you have any sure-fire cures for colds/allergies/plague, post a comment. 

Join me next week for another guest post at another fantastic site.

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Skeletons in the Closet at Fyvie Castle

Whew–Better Late than Never !  Happy Spring Equinox. Here’s a nice little ghost story to help you celebrate.


Fyvie Castle has it all, curses, ghosts, and skeletons in the walls.

Fyvie Castle

The curse was put on the castle by non-other than Thomas the Rhymer (fl. c. 1220 – 1298) who was once stolen by elves—more likely the Sidhe, the Celtic version of fairies. But these fairies aren’t the lovable little winged sweeties you see in cartoons. In fact, a Campbell storyteller told me that you can estimate the age of a fairytale by the size of the fairies in it. Older stories tell of fairies taller than men and possessed of powers beyond reckoning—some good, some bad. In fact, the Sidhe seemed to consider humans more of a nuisance than anything. Anyway, the Sidhe who kidnapped Thomas were of the larger variety and non-too careful with their charge. They transported him to their land and by the time he got back, his hair had turned snow white but he had the gift of prophecy.

When he came to the gate of Fyvie one stormy night, the castle gates blew shut in his face—or that was the story. In fact, Thomas might not have been a very welcome guest since most of his prophecies were gloomy and dark. At any rate, he took offense and stood before the gates in the storm, bringing this curse upon the castle:

Wheel Stair

Staircase at Fyvie Castle antique engraved print by Robert William www.heatons-of-tisbury.co.uk

“Fyvie, Fyvie thou’se never thrive,

lang’s there’s in thee stanes three :

There’s ane intill the highest tower,

There’s ane intill the ladye’s bower,

There’s ane aneath the water-yett,

And thir three stanes ye’se never get.”

So what we have here is a curse revolving around three stones hidden within the castle. Until all three stones are recovered, the owners of the castle will never thrive—some say this means no heir will be born within the castle or to the owners nor would any first born live to inherit the castle. Reportedly, one stone was found. Called the Weeping Stone, it sometimes exudes enough water to fill the bowl in which it is kept. The other stones are still lost. The curse has carried through the centuries as the castle changed hands.

In 1592, Lord Fyvie, Alexander Seton married Dame Lilias (or Lilies) Drummond. She bore him five daughters and died before she was thirty. One story has Lord Fyvie locking Lilias in her room and starving her to death because she did not produce a son—there’s that pesky curse at work. The story goes that Seton began an affair before Lilias’ death  and remarried soon after. On the wedding night, Seton and his new bride heard moaning and sighing outside of their chamber but could not find the cause. In the morning, in letters fifty feet above the ground and on the outside of the windowsill of the Lord and new Lady’s bedroom, the name of Dame Lilias Drummond had been carved into the solid stone. The letters are still visible today. She continues to haunt the castle as the Green Lady of Fyvie Castle.

In the late 1920s, a strange growth of algae erupted on the wall of the castle gun room. The owner at the time, Lord Leith, began renovations. When workmen tore down the wall they discovered the skeleton of a woman. The remains were carefully removed, as you can imagine, and buried. But that was only the beginning.

The ghost of a lady in grey appeared so many times and startled so many people, not least of which was the Lord of the castle, that he ordered the skeleton exhumed and placed back behind the wall. The Grey Lady was appeased and ceased her hauntings.


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The Baobhan Sith from Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones

The legends of Scotland are more than stories to the characters of Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones. Strange creatures roam the moors and craggy mountains of the Scottish Highlands and Zoraida discovers more than a few could be her blood relations.

baobhan sith 2


Scotland’s version of a female vampire, the Baobhan Sith (pronounced Baa’-van shee), makes Transylvanian vampires look like sweet fluffy rabbits. The Baobhan sith appears to her victims as a beautiful woman wearing a gown of green or white. Scotsmen, being the opportunistic and practical types they are, don’t find it the least bit odd that a beautiful woman should show up in the most secluded spots. Nor does the Scot who finds such a woman question the lady’s sudden fascination with none other than him.

Nope. He’ll drop whatever awful thing he’s eating and follow her like a goose follows corn.

This is a bad idea.

Germanic and Celtic legends are teeming with white ladies, green ladies, grey ladies, and ladies of every imaginable hue. All are supernatural and most of them guard a bridge or narrow way. They don’t resort to anything much more vicious than tossing unaccommodating (and possibly unattractive) men on the brambles. The Baobhan Sith, possibly influenced by Scottish weather, is a bit crankier.

baobhan sith


She prefers tasty morsels of Scottish descent, kilted, muscular, and none too bright. The Baobhan Sith invites him to dance and gets him boiling over for something a bit more. Our Scot takes it for granted that any woman would and should be more than willing to drop her knickers despite the rain, fog, ice, and nasty Highland winds. Just as he, er, relaxes, she jabs him with her long nails, sucks the blood (some say other bodily fluids as well, which is probably A-Ok with the Scotsman—up to a point), and then she tears him into little plaid bits.

One story of an encounter with a Baobhan Sith ended poorly for three of four Scottish hunters. Spending the night in a cave far from help, the lads were just finishing their fifth round of good Scotch and wishing for women—a time-honored Scottish tradition. At that moment, through the mouth of the cave came four lovely though somewhat pallid ladies. Not wasting a second on thought, three lads grabbed three of the lassies and danced to the tune sung by their compatriot. The singer had just decided it was time he got a bit more involved in the festivities, when the Baobhan Sith’s dancing became frenzied. They stabbed his friends with their long nails and left them writhing on the cavern floor. Then they turned their batshit crazy red eyes on him.

The Baobhan Sith grabbed at his feet, arms, and any convenient appendage. Our hero managed to dodge and duck his way out of the cave to the horses despite the amount of Scotch he’d enjoyed. All he could do was wedge himself between two horses to keep the Baobhan Sith’s claws at a distance. The Baobhan Sith circled him all night, promising him whatever he wanted in the way of female companionship. But the lad remembered quite well the sight of all the blood on the cavern floor and, possibly for the first time in his life, kept his wits.

Whether the Baobhan Sith were frightened of the horses or of the iron shoes the horses wore—since iron is bad juju for fairies—the lad was not sure. In the morning, as the sun rose above the mist, the Baobhan Sith returned to their graves and he made his escape.
In Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones, Zoraida learns that such a creature once dwelt in the mysterious caverns beneath fabulous Castle Logan. She may still be there, but you’ll have to wait for Zoraida Grey and the Black Tower to find out.